FAQ: How To Apply In Rta Dubai?

Supplier interested in registering his company as a provider for various materials & goods, should fill out the application form – fees free- which is obtainable through the customer service centre or RTA website, then should tick all relevant categories in the Material & Equipment Categories list and attach all

How do I apply for RTA bus driver in Dubai?

The customer must pass a 1 day training course. Through the website

  1. The customer logs in using the username and password.
  2. The customer selects the service and uploads the required documents.
  3. The customer settles the fees by credit card.
  4. The customer selects the suitable time to receive the permit from the centre.

What is RTA permit?

This service enables you to obtain a permit for utilising part of the right of way (footpath, parking, sikka or hard shoulder) in a temporary and specified duration for construction or maintenance works such as concreting, loading & unloading, fixing advertisements, NDRC works, etc.

What is Nol personal card?

nol Personal Card is a personalized smart card with an e-purse that can be loaded with up to AED 5000. Enjoy the ease of getting this card immediately from any ticket office for only AED 70 (includes AED 20 e-purse value).

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What is Blue Nol Card?

nol card is a smart card that enables you to pay for the use of various RTA transport modes in Dubai with a single tap. You can use your nol card to travel on Dubai Metro, Buses, Dubai Tram and marine transport modes like Water Buses.

How do I get RTA approval for safety officer?

RTA approved HSE Officer | HEALTH & SAFETY COURSES. (URGENT within 2-3 days) required for Dubai. The candidate must have a Degree /Diploma in Civil Engineering, NEBOSH IGC, UAE Driving License, 2-3 years of construction experience, and available locally to join immediately.

How do I get my RTA permit?

The customer undergoes an eye test at one of the optical centres authorised by RTA. The customer receives the digital learning permit via SMS and e-mail to start the training. After the completion of the training requirements for each stage, the customer books the required test date (knowledge, yard or road).

Can a 16 year old drive in Dubai?

Mohammad Said Al Zaffin, chairman of the Federal Traffic Council (FTC) has announced that 16 year olds in the country are now eligible to apply for a driver’s license.

Can I withdraw from Nol Card?

Only customers with a valid/working nol card can request card cancellation and refund at any Ticket Office. The refund is issued immediately at the station provided that the remaining e-purse balance is not more than AED 500, or else the refund should be submitted through the approved channels.

How can I use mobile Nol Card?

“Users can download the app directly from Huawei AppGallery on their smartphones, create their ID using the app and begin using the service immediately to top up their digital nol cards and pay on-the-go through their phones. Huawei Wallet provides NFC technology support to nol Pay app,” he added.

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Do Nol cards expire?

Nol cards are valid for five years. Those with a balance below the minimum amount — which ranges between Dh5. 8 and Dh11. 6, depending on type of card — will not be able to use their card after it expires on August 1.

Can I use Nol card for shopping?

1. Shopping for groceries. Whether you’re doing your weekly supermarket shop or grabbing a quick snack from a convenience store, the list of Dubai merchants that accept Nol cards for payment continues to grow. Whip it out at selected Almaya, Carrefour, Lulu, AllDay and Zoom stores, among others.

What is Gold Nol card?

The Gold Nol card is ideal for passengers who want to have access to gold class seats on any RTA public transport. The card can be used on all modes of transport registered with RTA including bus ferries, buses, trams, metro to name a few. Nol Gold card price: AED 25 with credit worth AED 19.

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