Often asked: How Much Does It Cost To Ship To Dubai?

How much does it cost to ship from US to UAE?

Weight SMSA Express 8 – 14 days UPS Worldwide Saver 1 – 4 days
1lbs 12.99 USD 46.99 USD
2lbs 18.99 USD 46.99 USD
3lbs 24.99 USD 51.84 USD
4lbs 30.99 USD 59.72 USD

Does UPS ship to Dubai?

U.S. Direct to Dubai Reduce your time-in-transit by a full day when shipping from the United States to Dubai. Our new daily non-stop 747-8F flight, accessible from all Zip codes across the U.S., can get your goods to key destinations in the Middle East and neighboring markets a full business day faster, guaranteed.

How do I send a package to Dubai?

Our simple and innate flow makes sending and receiving packages fast and convenient.

  1. Get the app. Download ViaMe on your preferred device, register and create your profile.
  2. Schedule a pickup or delivery. Select the type of service you want, book a pickup or delivery.
  3. Track your package.
  4. Rate your driver.

How long does it take to ship from US to Dubai?

Therefore, the most realistic time frame to ship cargo from the United States to Dubai is approximately 4 weeks. There are many variables that may be factored into this time range. These include how many stops the vessel makes along the way, which will determine how long the trip takes.

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Does FedEx ship to Dubai?

Our infrastructure gives your business the fastest access to customers in the U.A.E. With operations based in Dubai, including a pre-clearance facility, FedEx offers you access to all seven emirates and other Middle Eastern markets. We’ve simplified international shipping with FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents.

Does USPS ship to Dubai?

Yes, USPS delivers to the United Arab Emirates. They offer several methods including USPS ePacket, USPS Priority, USPS Express.

What can you not bring into Dubai?

What are banned items to have in any luggage?

  • All kinds of narcotic drugs, including hashish, cocaine, heroin, poppy seeds and hallucination pills.
  • Betel leaves (paan) and Naswar.
  • Goods intended to be imported from boycotted countries.
  • Crude ivory and rhinoceros horn.
  • Gambling tools and machineries.

What can you not send to Dubai?

Prohibited and Restricted Items when Sending to The United Arab

  • Fishing nets made up of three layers.
  • Tires that have been previously used.
  • Goods originating from Israel, or bearing Israeli logos.
  • Laser pens.
  • Ivory or Rhino horn.
  • Children’s sweets in the shape of cigarettes.
  • Machines and tools used for gambling.

Can I send medication to Dubai?

The UAE embassy advice says: “ Individuals may bring medicine into the country for their personal use. Up to three months’ supply of a prescription item can be brought into the country by a visitor and 12 months’ supply by a resident if they can produce a doctor’s letter or a copy of the original prescription.”

How long does it take to send a parcel to Dubai?

Transit times to Dubai Door-to-door delivery may take 1-2 days depending on the courier and collection method. Economy services take 3-6 days.

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Does DHL ship to Dubai?

Located in over 220 countries and territories worldwide, we’ve been shipping important documents and parcels through our fast and secure parcel delivery service for more than 50 years.

How do I figure out shipping costs?

Just weigh the package and use a shipping cost calculator to get a shipping price. If the parcel is small but heavy, get a shipping cost based on dimensional volume which might be cheaper. Remember that when calculating postage by weight, use the total weight of the package and not the weight of the product itself.

What is cheapest way to ship internationally?

To conclude, the cheapest international shipping options are: Typically, it’s USPS because they offer international shipping rates far cheaper than UPS and FedEx. Using UPS and FedEx to ship internationally without a business account can be really costly, with rates almost being 3x higher than USPS.

Does Amazon ship to Dubai?

No, Amazon does not offer free shipping to the UAE. You’ll normally have to pay around 40د. إ AED to have your Amazon purchase shipped to the UAE, and you may have to pay more if you’re buying multiple items or your purchase is heavy or bulky.

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