Question: Where To Renew Driving License In Dubai?

Here are the various kiosks for driver’s licence renewal in Dubai.

  • Customer Happiness Centre in Umm Ramool.
  • Customer Happiness Centre in Deira.
  • Customer Happiness Centre in Al Barsha.
  • Customer Happiness Centre in Al Manarah.
  • Customer Happiness Centre in Al Towar.
  • Customer Happiness Centre in Al Aweer.

Where can I renew my UAE driving license?

Renewal of driving licences is available online in most of the emirates. Renewal of driving licence

  1. Renewal of a Light vehicle driving licence – Ministry of Interior.
  2. Renewal of a driving licence in Abu Dhabi- TAMM.
  3. Traffic services – Abu Dhabi Police.
  4. Renew a driving licence – RTA Dubai.

How can I renew my driving licence in Dubai 2021?

RTA Dubai Official Website

  1. Click on The Driver and Car Owner Services tab available on the RTA official website.
  2. Go to the Driving licence Services tab and access Dubai driving licence renewal services.
  3. Upload all the required documents.
  4. Pay all the service charges and outstanding fines via debit or credit card.

When can I renew my driving licence in Dubai?

If the customer was 21 years old and above, the driving licence can be renewed 1 year before its expiry date. If the customer was less than 21 years old, the licence can be renewed 1 month before its expiry date. The driving licence to be renewed must be effective and with its owner.

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Can I renew my UAE driving license after it expires?

Expatriates who no longer live in the UAE can renew their expired driving licenses when they return to the emirate, according to a senior Road and Transport Authority (RTA) official. Citizens and GCC nationals continue to get driving license with 10-year validity on renewal.

How much does it cost to renew driving Licence in Dubai?

Applicants older than 21 years are required to pay Dubai driving license renewal fee of AED 300. Other charges include AED 20 for Knowledge and Innovation fees. Customers younger than 21 years old have to pay AED 100 for licence renewal along with AED 20 Knowledge and Innovation fees.

What is the earliest I can renew my driver license?

The renewal period for driver’s licenses varies by state. It can range from three months to as much as a year before the expiration date, and up to two years after the expiration date. There are usually no restrictions on renewing early unless you are under the age of 21.

Can I drive with expired driving Licence in Dubai?

Yes. There is no grace period for an expired license. If you drive with an expired license, you will be fined. If the license is expired for more than 10 years, you will need to retake a driving test.

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