Readers ask: How Much Is Ferrari World In Dubai?

Standard tickets cost 225 United Arab Emirate Dirhams (about $61 USD) for visitors over five feet tall, and 165 AED (about $45 USD) for shorter folks.

How much do Ferrari World tickets cost?

How much does it cost? The cheap tickets (Bronze) start at AED 250 for adults and AED 205 for children under 1.3 meters. Pricier tickets can be purchased for additional perks, including fast pass access, priority seating, and merchandise vouchers. Silver tickets cost AED 350/305 and Gold tickets cost AED 500/415.

Can I visit Ferrari World from Dubai?

Yes you can, the drive from Dubai to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is around 50 minutes. Dubai to Yas Island – Ferrari World is a little more than an hours drive from Dubai, it is possible to stay in Dubai and do the trip in one day.

Is it free to enter Ferrari world?

All the rides are included in the admission. There are a few rides that require additional fees, check the website for specific rides and supplemental fees. you need to pay a fee for getting into Ferrari world. Than almost all attractions will be free.

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Can we drive Ferrari in Ferrari World?

You Can Drive It! Choose the Driving Experience and experience the thrill around Yas Island behind the wheel of a Ferrari! Top down, buckle up and drive on, you’ll receive a lesson into how to drive the car from one of our Ferrari trained instructors.

How many rides are there in Ferrari World Dubai?

There are 23 rides in Ferrari World at the moment.

What should I wear to Ferrari World?

Wear comfy walking shoes for ease of movement too. Loose footwear like slippers are not allowed on some of the fast rides, and the officials will ask you to take them off before riding. Park Rules: Outside food and drinks are not allowed inside Ferrari World, but water bottles are acceptable.

How much time do you need at Ferrari World?

4 answers. You should have at least 5-6 hours in hand if you are visiting Ferrari world. Total time also depends if you enjoy all their rides.

Can we visit Ferrari World?

Open 365 days a year, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers a unique experience for visitors of every age in a refreshing, indoor, climate-controlled environment.

Where are Ferraris made?

Known as much for their legacy as their power and elegance, it should come as no surprise that your new Ferrari is made in the same place every Ferrari has been made: Maranello, Italy.

Who owns Ferrari now?

Ferrari’s largest single shareholder today is Exor NV, a company controlled by descendants of Giovanni Agnelli, one of Fiat’s original founders. Piero Ferrari continues to hold his 10 percent stake.

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Does Ferrari world have WIFI?

Complimentary shuttle with Free WIFI access available provided by the park. Call 800 2080 for details. All rides and attractions are subject to availability.

What does Ferrari world have?

3) The park has 40 rides and unique attractions including a go-karting track, children’s driving school and a programme of entertaining shows that bring the Ferrari brand to life.

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