Readers ask: What To Do In Dubai At Night?

18 Exciting Things to Do in Dubai at Night

  • At the Top, Burj Khalifa. Source.
  • Watch the Dubai Fountain Show. Source.
  • Al Bastakiya. Source.
  • Dubai Marina and JBR. Source.
  • Photography Tours.
  • Abra Ride at Dubai Creek.
  • Overnight Desert Safari.
  • Go Star Gazing.

What can you do for free at night in Dubai?

Best things to do in Dubai at night…. for free

  1. See the Dubai Fountains at the Burj Khalifa ⛲️ You can see the Dubai Fountain show at most times of day but at night it’s a sight to behold.
  2. Watch the sunset on a public beach.
  3. Window shop at Dubai Mall
  4. Go camping.

Does Dubai have a nightlife?

Dubai has so much to offer regarding nightlife; it gives the right kind of environment to host safe but at the same time a wild experience. The emirate hosts some of the most popular club nights in the world. It is the home of many talented DJs and also regularly hosts the most well-known ones from across the globe.

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Is it safe in Dubai at night?

No, there aren’t any dangerous areas in Dubai. Since the whole city is closely monitored, crime rates are incredibly low. Violent crime almost doesn’t exist. You can even safely walk around the city at night without having to worry about any trouble.

What can you do in Dubai without spending money?

Guide to the best free things to do in Dubai

  1. Visit Aquaventure Waterpark.
  2. Visit Coffee Museum Dubai.
  3. Ride an abra.
  4. Check out the art at AlSerkal Avenue.
  5. Go camping.
  6. Hit the beach.
  7. See the Ras Al Khor flamingos.
  8. Free walking tour of Dubai.

How can I get free stuff in Dubai?

Get Free Stuff (freebies) in Dubai

  1. 1 Get free stuff on your birthday. 1.1 Free Entry – Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark. 1.2 Free Unlimited Buffet at AB’s – Absolute Barbecue.
  2. 2 Freebies from Apps. 2.1 Buy 1 Get 1 Free – Traveller App for 30 days. 2.2 Get Free burgers and more with McDonalds App.
  3. 3 Get free stuff from Dubizzle.

Where can I catch fun in Dubai?

Attractions and things to do in Dubai

  • Cruise past The Dubai Fountain.
  • Dress up and visit Burj Al Arab.
  • Experience the rain in the rainforest at The Green Planet.
  • Explore Palm Jumeirah.
  • Go up Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.
  • Have a day out at La Mer.
  • Meander among the flowers at Dubai Miracle Garden.

What is the best time to visit Miracle Garden Dubai?

With the onset of winters during November, Dubai Miracle Garden opens for the visitors and remains accessible till March. The gates open at 10 a.m. in the morning. The best time for the visit is the month of November itself as the crowd is less and you would be able to explore the park in a better manner.

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Where can I relax in Dubai?

The 15 Best Quiet Places in Dubai

  • Al Sufouh Beach. Al sufouh, دبي, دبي
  • Kite Surf Beach. 9.5.
  • Emirates Business Class Lounge. Terminal 3, Concourse A (DXB Airport), دبي, دبي
  • Dubai Marina Mall. (دبي مارينا مول)
  • Starbucks. (ستاربكس)
  • Jumeirah Beach. 9.4.
  • Sunset Beach.
  • Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa.

Is Dancing in Dubai illegal?

Dancing. “Dancing is allowed in the privacy of your home or at licensed clubs,” the advice says. The Dubai Code of Conduct says dancing and loud music is forbidden in public places, such as beaches, parks and residential areas. It is classed as “indecent and provocative”, the FCO adds.

Can unmarried couples stay in a hotel in Dubai?

Unmarried couples in Dubai Sexual relationships or unmarried couples cohabiting is illegal in Dubai. Cohabiting, including in hotels, is also illegal, however most hotels in Dubai do not enforce an ‘only married couples’ rule. The luxury hotels which mostly cater to foreigners are especially relaxed.

Are clubs in Dubai strict?

You need to be 21 to drink in the bars and 25 for entry into Nightclubs. The bars / clubs are very strict and very often will ask for ID.

What should I avoid in Dubai?

15 Things Not To Do In Dubai

  • Do Not Use Your Left Hand To Greet Anyone.
  • Do Not Indulge In PDA.
  • Do Not Dress Inappropriately.
  • Do Not Cuss In Public.
  • Do Not Take Photographs Without Permission.
  • Do Not Carry All Your Medicines.
  • Do Not Eat-In Public During Ramadan.
  • Do Not Make Rude Hand Gestures While Driving.
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What is illegal in Dubai?

Dubai severely punishes acts that many Western travelers would never even imagine are illegal, including drinking alcohol without a permit, holding hands, sharing a room with someone of the opposite sex other than your spouse, taking pictures of other people, offensive language or gestures, and unsanctioned social

Is Dubai safe for single females?

Is it safe for women to travel solo in Dubai? Yes, unreservedly. Dubai is considered among the top 10 safest countries for female solo travellers, so there is no need to hesitate before getting that Dubai visa.

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