What Happened To The Skyscraper In Dubai That Caught On Fire?

A high-rise tower caught fire Tuesday in the United Arab Emirates and authorities said it wasn’t immediately clear what caused the blaze. The sides of the 48-floor Abbco Tower in Sharjah saw flames shoot up them. The city neighbors Dubai.

What happened to Dubai Tower?

On April 4, 2020, Emaar Properties, developer of the Tower and surrounding area, halted construction temporarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As of December 7, 2020, the suspension of construction was declared indefinitely until the government allows work to resume once the pandemic is under control.

What caused the fire in Dubai yesterday?

The blaze in the Middle East’s largest transshipment hub was caused by a container holding flammable material, Dubai Media Office (DMO) Director General Mona Al Marri told Al Arabiya television, describing it as a “normal accident”.

Which building in Dubai caught fire?

The 48-storey Abbco Tower in Sharjah, near Dubai, caught on fire late on Tuesday.

Is the torch tower safe?

The Torch Tower fire raced across the structural facade forcing 475 people to flee to safety from the 87- storey. “Most of the injuries during the last three years from fires were due to smoke inhalation,” he said, noting that of the 66 civilians injured in 2017, 50 were treated for minor smoke inhalation.

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Who is owner of Burj Khalifa?

Emaar Properties PJSC is the Master Developer of Burj Khalifa and is also one of the largest real estate companies in the world. Mr. Mohamed Alabbar, Chairman of Emaar Properties, said: “Burj Khalifa goes beyond its imposing physical specifications.

Did an explosion happen in Dubai?

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — A fiery explosion erupted on a container ship anchored in Dubai at one of the world’s largest ports late Wednesday, authorities said, sending tremors across the commercial hub of the United Arab Emirates.

What happened in Jebel Ali Dubai?

Jebel Ali Port explosion: The combustion, which sent up giant orange flames on a vessel at one of the world’s largest ports, caused the walls and windows to shake in neighbourhoods as far as 25 km away from the blast site.

What was the explosion in Dubai today?

The blaze sent up giant orange flames on the vessel at the Jebel Ali Port, the ninth-largest port in the world and the biggest in the region. The blast was heard across parts of Dubai, with residents hearing a loud explosion, according to witnesses.

Was the Burj Khalifa on fire?

The world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, lit up Wednesday night in solidarity with Australia where devastating fires are still burning. The bushfires have consumed about 10 million hectares (100,000 square kilometres), leaving at least 28 people dead and destroying more than 2,000 homes since September.

What happened in Dubai fire?

A container ship anchored in Dubai at one of the world’s largest ports caught fire late Wednesday, authorities said, causing an explosion that sent tremors across the commercial hub of the United Arab Emirates. The extent of damage caused to the sprawling port and surrounding cargo was not immediately clear.

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How did the Address Hotel catch fire?

On 20 January 2016, Dubai Police held a news conference to confirm that the fire was caused by an electrical short circuit. The forensic investigation has identified that the short circuit was caused by electrical wires of the spotlight used to illuminate the building between the 14th and the 15th floor.

How tall is the Torch Tower in Dubai?

985′, 1,155′ to tip

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